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2.5 hour session


1.5 hour session

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1 – 2 hour sessions

Ryan Holley Golf Clinic

On Site Data

In addition to studio instruction, Ryan offers an opportunity to access world class technology on location. One of his main goals is to provide measurable data to players, coaches and clubs regardless of their current technological footprint. An on site visit will include ground force data capture and objective feedback about the unique movement patterns of individual athletes. He works directly with players or in conjunction with coaches to provide data and education for them to bring into their own teaching. Contact Ryan directly to bring this state of the art technology to your club.

Teaching Pro Testimonials

Bringing Ryan Holley to The Farm at Point Grey has 3 major benefits:

  1. The amazing technology and experience for the members. His expert diagnosis and ability to go from one member to the next and share what they need to work on is exceptional. 
  1. The data. I shadow as much as I can and want to see how he uses the force plates and how to better understand his world. I personally don’t need plates when I have Ryan on speed dial.
  1. Professional development. Helping the team of coaches better understand ground forces and their application in the golf swing. His 2 hour sessions with our golf pros have been huge in their personal coaching and development.
Matt Palsenbarg

Matt Palsenbarg

Director of Instruction at Point Grey Golf Club

The data that Ryan Holley collects for myself and my students at LGA is beyond helpful. It really allows me to map out a plan as a coach that I can relay to my students to help them achieve their goals. Ryan gives me in depth feedback and information about my students’ movements and we even go into detail about how to really maximize these to get them swinging the club faster and more efficiently. I can’t thank Ryan enough for helping build those “blue prints” and for the knowledge and education he has passed onto me. I learn a lot every time I see him. 

Max Cohen

Max Cohen

Teaching Professional at Langley Golf Academy

We’ve brought in Ryan Holley to work with our students at Early Grey GC on multiple occasions. It was truly an exceptional learning experience for everyone involved. Ryan utilizes Dual Force Plate Technology in his lessons, providing his students with ground breaking data and instantaneous results. He demonstrates to his students how to use the ground in their swing to create functional movement patterns, maximizing efficiency and generating power they didn’t know they had. Any golfer or coach that truly cares about their own game or their students’ should reach out to Ryan immediately.

Scott Stiles

Scott Stiles

Head Teaching Professional at Earl Grey Golf Club